– Balance –

We now live on a mountain (which is pretty cool in itself), on a large plateau with breathtaking scenery and tropical rain forests all around us. Over 500 metres above… Read More →

– Making a Feathered Nest –

It’s not a new concept – we all aspire to an inviting home full of creature comforts; our own space that’s warm, inviting and safe. I’ve always believed that ‘our nest’ should be the place where we feel most at ease. To truly feel this sense of connection with one’s home, we need to nurture and hone its form and aesthetic in order for it to evolve as we do over time. In short, it pays (especially in the hectic world which we live in today) to make sure our ‘nest is feathered’. Now you know why I settled on this ultra-appropriate name for this little piece of cyber space.