– Balance –

We now live on a mountain (which is pretty cool in itself), on a large plateau with breathtaking scenery and tropical rain forests all around us. Over 500 metres above sea level, it is literally like living in the clouds some days and I quite simply love it. I’ve loved it from the first day we moved up here (7 months ago), but to my amazement I cherish my new surroundings more and more every day we are here. Balance has been restored in a ‘feet firmly on the ground’ kind of way. This is home now and I feel so at peace living amongst the beauty of nature on a daily basis.

We bear witness to stunning sunsets, beautiful clear night skies, see cows, lambs, lamas and the innocence of young girls out riding horses on the side of the road as we drive to kindy during rush hour (what a laugh!). Proudly, I live in the country now and have realised a dream by making the move, but amazingly I still feel like I’ve got the best of both worlds, with all that the city has to offer a mere 45 minutes away. There is something so comforting, retreating to our mountain at the end of a busy day when we do venture down. There is nurturing feeling to coming home now which often reminds me of why I was never felt fully settled in the middle of suburbia before. Life is quieter here, the pace is slower, people are kind and have time to stop and have a chat, their is genuine friendliness and a beautiful community where you can really feel the authenticity of spirit.

We are woken some mornings (we can’t always hear him) by the rooster across the road in the rear fields of the neighbour’s house, kookaburras and lorikeets pop by in the afternoon, everything grows abundantly in the rich volcanic soil and honesty boxes abound offering up fresh organic produce. It’s wonderful to be enjoying the seasons once again and all the magical changes that each of the four quarters bring with them. It’s like being back in sync with the cycle of life and your place within it. I have a real sense that balance has returned, that there is a harmony to life now…and that’s something I’ve been chasing for a while. It feels good to have found our place for this season in our lives, we went on a bit of a journey to get there but we found it and I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes you need to go searching in order to realise that everything you’ve been looking for, has been right on your doorstep the whole time.

Life is good here, really good…and I cannot think of a better place to raise our daughter and build our family home. Bring on this huge, wondrous adventure! x

Autumn Love