A little spoonful of Suga Suga…

When I have a craving for a bit of fresh inspiration or find myself in need of a little gift for someone special, my first stop on the Gold Coast is always Suga Suga! This little gem of a shop is hidden down the backstreets of Surfers Paradise in the waterside enclave known as Budds Beach…it’s a bit of a secret spot, well I like to think so anyway. It’s got the charm of a chic boutique…classical and contemporary all rolled into one. Homewares, jewellery, gifts, baby, artwork, stationery, furniture, clothing…it’s all divine. The owner has a very good eye for buying and every little piece is carefully placed, styling throughout is spot on. It’s a small little shop, but you can literally find yourself in there for ages (Mr B normally has to drag me out), as your eyes dart from this side of the room to the other. Just when you think you’ve poured over everything, something new catches your eye. Every visit is intriguing as I wonder what new little treasure awaits me. Suga Suga is a special little spot, where retail therapy truly lives up to it’s name & what a joy that is!

Suga Suga Shop

Photo courtesy of http://www.sugasuga.com.au/

One thought on “A little spoonful of Suga Suga…”

  1. Miss Foodie

    I was here last weekend and I too found myself in Suga Suga for a good 30 minutes and still my eyes pounced on something shiny and new.

    I’ve been brainstorming ideas for my own enterprise and have found it hard coming up with my own niche. A small gift shop (like suga suga) with a small cafe selling great coffee is an idea I thought of. I love jewellery and household decor and food so perhaps mastering that could work. Miss Foodie’s ideas are a-flowing 🙂