– Making a Feathered Nest –

It’s not a new concept – we all aspire to a welcoming home full of creature comforts; our own space that’s a reflection of our individual style & personality – that makes us feel really good inside. I’ve always believed that ‘our nest’ should be the place where we feel most at ease. To truly feel this sense of connection with one’s home, we need to nurture and hone its form and aesthetic in order for it to evolve as we do over time. In short, it pays (especially in the hectic world which we live in today) to regularly give some time to the spaces where we spend so much of our time, to make sure that our ‘nest’ is adequately feathered. When I say ‘adequately feathered’, I don’t mean to spend a fortune filling your house with the latest trends; I just mean to re-arrange, re-fresh, up-cycle, clean-out and make way for that special piece you’ve been hankering after or even just pop some fresh flowers in a vase once in a while to make sure your ‘nest’ reflects you as a person and it’s honestly amazing what a difference it makes day to day.

Surrounded by those we love and treasured pieces collected along the way, each ‘nest’ tells a unique story and therefore every ‘nest’ is beautiful in its own right. As I grow older I am finding it more important to beautify my ‘nest’, to lovingly nurture it. I love being surrounded by beautiful pieces that stop my heart; in short, it makes me feel good, it feeds my creative id and provides me with a sense of calm and escape I can’t get anywhere else.

When anyone has the opportunity to build their nest from scratch they are provided with one of the greatest forms of self expression. Hubby & I have long-held the dream to build, pretty much from when we first met some 11 years ago whilst living in England. It is a privilege to build one’s home and a journey of creation that I am so incredibly excited and grateful that my little family has now embarked upon. So I invite you to join me as my beloved husband (who I affectionately refer to as Mr B and who could possibly be called a saint for putting up with me!) and I endeavour to build a ‘feathered nest’ for our little family. This is the place where I will tell our story, as honestly as I can. Our little lady (who I affectionately refer to as Miss B) now 3 years old will be along for the ride too. As with any build there are sure to be lots of highs and lows, but like any dream worth striving for, we will be reaching for the stars the whole way through, that you can be sure with a dutifully close eye on our tight budget.

So, whether you are building, renovating, re-inventing, or overhauling your home, be sure to follow me for lots of inspiration, design tips, styling ideas and sourcing links through the eyes of an interior designer & stylist. It is my hope that it will make ‘your’ journey just that little bit more fun and enjoyable x