Community blessings…

Mr B, Miss B & I were down at our local farmer’s market this morning and when we’d finished collecting our weekly fruit and vegetables, we plonked ourselves down in the dappled sun to listen to a lovely band made up of three lads.

During a break in their set, the front-man stole a candid moment to engage with his audience. He asked us, the crowd, to look around amongst us, say hello to people adjacent to us and he reminded us to acknowledge that this was ‘our community’. These people collectively, are our neighbours…we’re each a human being just like the other and we’re all on our individual life’s journey.

This is such a true and simple sentiment, yet it kind of caught me by surprise when I realised how easily it is forgotten these days midst busy and hectic lives, in a society seemingly obsessed with spending and getting. It was so beautifully expressed and received, a quiet hush sort of fell over the crowd and I found myself thinking, wow…here is a man who can rest easy tonight for he has delivered such a perfect and timely blessing to ‘his’ community today.


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  1. Miss Foodie

    You inspire me to post more!