– Good Things Take Time – {my new mantra for this build}

I really thought that since becoming a Mother and wearing the multitude of hats that go with it, that I was on my way to learning how to master the fabled ‘patience’…sigh, not so apparently! Seems I have a lot more to learn as this building malarchy is definitely testing me and we’ve not even started work on site yet. Admittedly we’ve had our fair share of bumps in the road just getting our design out of our heads and onto paper. We settled on our land in Sept 2013. In the end we started over (which was painfully difficult at the time), went right back to the beginning and designed the whole house ourselves. Hubby (Engineer by trade) drew it all up using architectural software and we played with it, stared at it, walked our way though it for weeks, tweaking every minute detail until we were happy with the whole package. Of course, there are a few compromises in there, as there always are, but we feel very happy with our final design and fortunately ticked more of the wish list boxes than not, so hurrah!! We got there and miraculously we feel this house will be so much more enjoyable to live in. It’s closer to what we really want from a home at this point in our life. So despite the pain a few months ago, the universe gave us a nod and we found our silver lining. Now, we are just waiting to get the engineering finalised (which is taking longer than expected) and other fundamentals such as a waste water management plan (septic tank in other words) as we’re not on town water, hubby to get his owner builder licence, energy report is back (we got a whopping 7.5 stars which we were very happy with!) and then we’ll be into council. I set a goal to get it in last week, now that we’ve passed that, the new goal is for the end of this week. Let’s see how we go. With a good dose of patience and determination inhaled at once, I’m keeping my finger’s crossed x