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Heidi Barker is the designer behind E8C and the name Eleven8Create references her date of birth, essentially capturing what she’s all about! Possessing a formal background and diploma in interior design & styling, coupled with a wealth of experience in London’s wedding & events industry, Heidi brings a unique combination of expertise and creative energy to every project she works on. Hailing from a long line of artistic souls, her Grandmother a celebrated painter and her Mother a fashion designer, Heidi has fond memories growing up in a deeply creative and highly visual world.

“I guess I’ve always felt as though creativity is in my blood, such is the gravity of its presence in my life. When I was young my mother used to tell me that when you’re creative, it’s as though there’s a river running through you, always urging you to follow it and never giving up until you find your way back to it. This is something that I’ve really grown to depend on and I trust in that process wholeheartedly. It’s truly a beautiful thing, because the magic really does happen when you’re in sync with that creative rhythm. I have realised time and time again that there’s no place I’d rather be.”

With an innate understanding of colour and a great eye for design & styling, it’s a natural fit to see Heidi’s life playing out among the creative fields. Blessed with a career spanning many different design genres, she respects and celebrates these overlaps in much the same way that she believes the art of ‘layering’ adds depth, history and character to a room. “The creative journey is one that benefits from exploration and adventure – acknowledging that all creative paths inevitably cross at some point in the creative journey is so important, as they inevitably lead to an enriched experience full of new frontiers.” It’s this depth of understanding that gives Heidi a unique, all encompassing approach to design.

Dedicated to her craft and committed to utilizing all of her knowledge and experience on every project she undertakes; you can be sure you are working with a passionate individual, who’ll stop at nothing to ensure a high-end result and client satisfaction at every turn. “I love working with my clients offering guidance and solutions with a relaxed, friendly and professional approach. The look of wonder and amazement on their face at the end of a project is just incomparable and it’s just so rewarding helping someone achieve their dreams! Welcome to Eleven8Create Design Emporium where everything centres around “beautifying home and life through the creative process”. Contact us today to find out how we can help you on ‘your journey’.