– Front Door LOVE –

Who doesn’t love a good door!? I am such a sucker for a beautiful front door, to me it’s such a feature of the house and all that awaits you beyond. For our house I wanted a classic big, heavy front door with traditional ‘cricket bat’ detailing, surrounded by side lites to allow maximum light from the east into the house. Our house with it’s New England style requires this front door, it practically pleads for it! The house will be clad in fibrecement weatherboards painted in a very soft dove grey, the roof as you will have noticed in a dark grey colour which colorbond calls Basalt (because for me a house always needs grounding with a darker roof) and all white trim. I have been in love with this timeless colour palette for as long as I can remember; it’s calming on the eye, classic, classy and never goes out of style. Once I’ve started painting the weatherboards I will choose the feature colour for the front door which will have white trim surrounding it, I am looking at duck egg blue, old english yellow or classic black. Will leave it up to the house to talk to me once we get to that stage, one of these will ‘just work’ and I’ll go with that. Great thing is we’ll be able to change it up when we feel like, ssssh, let’s just keep that one to ourselves, haha!!


colourdoor_1{Images found on Pinterest}

From my time living in Europe I have been very influenced by all the feature doors you see literally everywhere and all the details that go into them; the bright colours that make a statement and the story behind them, I love it all. See, complete sucker, I told you…but honestly what is not to LOVE about a beautiful door!? A big satin chrome knob and small knocker are also on my wish list for ours…a door in this style is just not complete without at least one of these details in my opinion. I would even pop a letter slot in if hubby would let me I reckon, haha! But I don’t think I’ll get that one over the line. Instead, I will be opting for the most beautiful mailbox I think I’ve ever laid eyes on, it’s in the shape of an envelope and it comes from Pottery Barn in the states, of course it does I hear you say! It’s got a heafty price tag too but there is just no way I’m not having it, I will get it here come hell or high water, hubby can buy it for me for my birthday, I don’t care, I’ve just GOT to have it!





door_1Image sources: Carla Coulson Photography, Paris In 4 Months blog, French Essence, This Is Glamorous (a selection of my absolute favourites)

mailboxSee what I mean!?