– Clad it baby –

Easter weekend seemed like a great opportunity for a working bee – the family kind. So my Mum, Dad and brother all rallied around on Saturday and helped hubby get 2 more walls clad. Hubby started the cladding and one wall under the alfresco as a bit of trial, to learn the ropes while his brother was visiting for a few days from South Africa the week prior, so we’re now ready to roll it out across the house.

I am SO glad we opted for James Hardie Scyon Linea boards (we went for the broader 180mm) – this profile is always what I’ve had my heart set on. The classic, traditional weatherboard look…you know the one that makes you swoon, well it has that effect on me anyway. We looked at many other fibre cement sheet profiles including the JH Newport and BGC Nuline, both would have been considerably kinder to our wallet, but I knew in my heart of hearts that the look achieved wouldn’t be what our house was asking for. I didn’t want to regret it by having to stare at our house for years on end and wish that I’d gone for the boards I really wanted. So we threw in the towel and paid the extra money and I couldn’t be happier with the way the Scyon Linea looks – I am SOOO in love with the deep shadow lines and traditional style that it lends to the house. Now I must just be patient and watch the magic begin as the house starts to be transformed into the country house it’s been destined to be for so long. Aah, it’s pretty magical some days this little project. Makes me catch my breath every now and then when I get a moment to really savour it all coming together. Our electricians started the rough-in yesterday too and wow it is amazing when you find good tradespeople…it makes so much difference to the whole experience. So far so good!

clad 3You can see here that I did a bit of test painting – I thought I’d just paint one board but got a bit carried away with my chosen paint colour. No sample testing here, was love at first sight with Dulux Milton Moon. It’s the most beautiful, soft, classic dove grey – timeless and elegant. I’ve always wanted to a grey house with white trim, a true grey…not a more common brown grey and definitely not a blue grey. Eek, colour me happy, I can’t wait to paint my heart out with it now once hubby gets more boards up. Whoops, did I just say ‘I can’t wait to paint’…I might be forced to eat those words later. Will pass on the windows to paint the cladding any day though.

clad 4