– Our bay window & some more doors go in –

There is something magestic about a bay window isn’t there? I’ve always felt that way about them, something so inviting and relaxing. Now that ours has gone in the light and the feeling of space that it affords in our living room and general downstairs area is beyond what I hoped for. I feel calmer just looking at it, even amongst the building site and chaos, so I just know how amazing it will feel to live with it every day when we finally call this beautiful house our home. I can’t wait to box the seat area up below, add draws where we can put our winter blankies and board games and add a delicious seat cushion with lots of pretty feather cushions atop it. Then there’s the long view of space in the distance and the borrowed landscape of the amazing Liquid Amber trees that stand in the corner of our neighbour’s garden to enjoy…aah, now that’s my kind of heaven. So happy with it!

bay window_2The internal view standing in our dining/kitchen zone

bay window_3This is the kitchen and the space to the left will be our butler’s pantry. The waste pipe designates where the island bench will be with our dishwasher.

bay window_4Front of house view from the carport – I am so in LOVE with our front door!! (just quietly)

back doors
View of the rear of the house. The french doors on the left will lead out onto the garden from my design studio and the left from our kitchen & main living space. The ground will be built up here across the back of the house so that we step out of these doors onto level ground. This has been important to us right from the design stage and will give extra character to the house with there being a few different levels overall. At the front there will be about 9 steps up to the front porch, then just a few steps leading off the alfresco area and no step or only one (if we have to have it) at the back of the house. We’ll pave the area off the kitchen and build a pergola structure out from the house which we’ll grow wisteria or jasmine over to create a greenery lined space, perfect for a cuppa in the shade facing the western sun and watching our daughter playing in the garden. We also plan to have above ground vegie garden beds here too amongst the expanse of lawn.