– Beauty in Gratitude –

Sometimes the universe & Mother Nature spoil us so much that we feel like the only people bearing witness to their beauty & we feel so blessed to be in their presence!

This was the view out the window driving home as the sun set the other day. Magic, I know! This place I’m lucky enough to call home truly takes my breath away and every so often makes me catch the next inhale just a little more than usual. This was one of those days.

Sheer beauty, that light, the way it dances on the landscape – there is nothing more beautiful and as I drive up the final steep climb of our mountain, this awaits me, each time. This is the reward. Seriously! I couldn’t be luckier. My family is blessed to have found this majestic place of solitude, with good old fashioned values and a true appreciation of nature. A real community, close-knit, not just in words, but in truth. Everyone who lives here do so with intention, they know pots of gold exist.

I’m in awe of this place. I grow more found of it by the day as I feel it’s presence sink deeper into my consciousness. There’s no question that it’s home. It feels so good to feel that connection with place, having lived many a year without it, I treasure and respect it beyond measure. This is where my angel child is growing up, it makes my so happy knowing the beauty of this place will be etched into her heart forever.

Belonging is Good – Home is Good – Life is Good!