– A Room for a Little Lady –

Designing my daughter Miss B’s room is something I’m really excited about. She is 4 years old, has an innate creative spirit and has forever been fascinated by all things flowers, birds and garden…so I want to create an enchanting space that can be her wonderland. It’s important to me that’s it’s not too little girl and not too grown-up, it needs to be a timeless, feminine space that she can grow in.

When hubby and I designed the house, we wanted her room to be special, in a cute chocolate-box kind of way. Therefore her room has it’s own high pitched roofline and casement windows (as like most of the house) that look out over what will be the front garden and out to the horizon line and wee glimmer of the sea in the distance. I’m going to line her vaulted ceiling with wood panelling and paint it white for a classic and traditional country feel. My idea is to make the end wall in her room (the one you see when you first walk in) that rises up into the peak of the vault, really special. So I’m going to wallpaper it and then paint the remaining walls in a complementing colour – likely to be a soft chalky pink or a really soft duck egg blue. All the trim will be crisp white including the wardrobe. Ooh this is going to be SO fun!!

Ideas for the wallpaper at the moment, I am loving both of these…

cath{Below is a close-up view of it}cathrosesandbirdswallpaper

{and this is the other one}

watercolour peony wallpaper

We all know good wallpaper doesn’t come cheap and I’m a big believer in “if you’re going to do it, do it well”…so number 1 is a bit kinder on the wallet but number 2 makes my heart beat a little faster!! Will have to do my calculations and see if it is even remotely a possibility. Either way, I feel a beautiful room is on the way. Oh and this is the pendant light I have purchased as a feature to hang from the vaulted ceiling! Got it half price in a sale to boot – bit in LOVE!