– An early Pottery Barn Christmas –

Eeek, my parcel finally arrived from US today…I could not contain my excitement when I heard the postie beep his horn as he drove into our driveway. I’m sure I was the most bubbly person he saw all day, haha!!

A big huge box was unloaded with Pottery Barn stamped all over it and I dived for the nearest pair of scissors to unpack my jewels! That is honestly what I feel that they are…I opened each box with a feeling of sheer delight desperate to see my treasure and make make they had all arrived safely. That was my biggest concern with having them shipped such a distance, I paid extra for insurance just to be on the safe side, but alas to say everything was very well packed and in perfect condition. I never second guessed myself about whether I’d love the pieces I ended up ordering but as I looked through my little collection I fell more and more in love with the timeless elegance of them AND also the quality. Pottery Barn really is unsurpassed in the those stakes, all the light fittings were solid and heavy, you can just feel the quality. You just don’t get that here in Australia any more, we have become so accustomed to a cheap, plasticy product…we’ve almost forgotten how well things used to be made now. Well, Pottery Barn certainly hasn’t – even hubby was eye balling the ‘ceramic’ inner workings and commenting over and over…needless to say he’s very impressed as am I. Now I just can’t wait to get them up in our new home. Oh, and my stunning envelope mailbox has me in a tizz, it’s perfection and it’s going to give the postie and me a big smile every single day!!


{these singles above are for either side of our mirror in the main bathroom}


{the double is for above the mirror in our powder room}


{one of these darlings for either side of the double mirrors in our ensuite}