– Windows & Doors –

Our lovely timber window and doors are starting to go in now. We were always going to have timber, there was never any doubting that. We just love the character than comes with real wood, the way they frame the view so beautifully and all the different configuration styles you can choose from. You do get a lot more options when it comes to configuration patterns in aluminium these days too, but in my opinion it’s just not the same unless it’s the real thing!

So, all the way back when we started this journey when we first started working on our budget and looking for every which way that we could save dollars, I said to hubby, ‘ah that’s no problem, I can do the painting’…well aren’t they famous last words now! I am so regretting saying that!! I have 30 + windows and doors to paint with 3 coats, inside and OUT! OUCH!! My Dad gave me some great advice, advising I paint just the outsides for now to facilitate us getting to lock-up quicker, then just paint the insides as and when. That has certainly taken a bit of pressure off, well half of it actually, haha!

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The carport has also been constructed and the roof is now finished too. I absolutely LOVE our carport and am so happy with how it’s turned out. It was imperative to us that the carport, although separate, still felt part of the house and equally as handsome. The false gable has proved a real triumph, it means it’s just a little less imposing from both the streetscape and inside-looking out perspectives. All that is left now is to add a little weatherboard cladding to the top of the sarked false-gable, finish top coats of the painting and it’ll be finished.

carport 2