– Time for a catch up –

Life has been pretty busy of late…hence my lack of posts for a few months. Back around October/November of 2014 we really got into the full swing of the build, time sped up and my hubby became a full-time builder! Add to all that the wettest rainy season in a few years and well, it’s been rather trying and tiring run recently.

It’s hard to fully understand the magnitude of building ones own house until you’re right in the middle of it, you’ve committed everything and it’s kind of too late, haha!! When I’m honest with myself, there are definitely days where the enormity of the task manages to swallow me up whole…owner building is not for the faint hearted that’s for sure! A few things that keeps me going is my hubby’s unfailing dedication, the knowledge that all our hard work will be so worth it in the end and lastly, but most importantly, how lovely it will be to call this house our home. It’s amazing to watch it come to life, to watch the design you’ve had in your head for so long finally bounce off the paper and into reality. So far we couldn’t be happier with how it’s coming together, everything is as we imagined it only somehow it looks ten times better in the flesh. Hope you enjoy the little catch-up to where we are today, through these photographs!

frame      – Downstairs frame starting to go up –

frame up– Upstairs sub-floor starting to go on –

frame up 2– Front view of framing –

trusses– Trusses Day One, we needed a crane for this big beast! –

trusses 2 – Front facade taking shape –

gable ends– Gable ends…oh you sweet things! First of the barge board, fascia, gable end roll and roofing going on –

roof 2– Love the architectural features of our Alfresco area, hubby took the image out of my head and built it, can’t ask for more than that!-

roof– Roof really starting to take shape now and you can see the detail of the chimney here too. We will be finishing this with a gorgeous stone cladding to really add charm & character to our home –